Ludovica Marchegiani is a fine jewelry brand that combines the artisanal craftsmanship of Italy with a vibrant, modern elegance. Inspired by art, color and light, the designer creates exquisite heirlooms that celebrate timeless femininity and sophistication.

After studying jewelry design in Milan and gemology in New York, Ludovica decided to launch her first collection. Working with tones and motifs inspired by nature, her designs tell a story of character and grace, beauty and wonder. Every single creation is a work of art that hides a code of femininity, communicating with its exquisite mix of colors and symbols pure joy and emotion. For the designer, each gemstone conceals a specific sentiment and carries its own meaning. Under this premise, each piece becomes a truly unique and personal amulet to treasure.

Handcrafted in Italy, Ludovica’s designs are delicately cast in 18K gold and adorned with natural gems that are carefully chosen by their allure and splendor. Delicate, seductive and elegant, each piece conceals an emotion that the wearer can identify with.


Ludovica partners with revered artisans in one of Italy’s most prestigious ateliers to create her treasured pieces. After choosing her desired diamonds and prescious gems, each single out for their beauty and brilliance, Ludovica works with stone setters and jewelers to perfect the overall design. Careful attention is paid to each step, in order to forge fine jewelry pieces whose style and craftsmanship will endure for generations.


Ludovica’s commitment to the best extends to her desire exceptional quality, accountability and provenance. Each part of her supply chain adheres to strict ethical standards and socially responsible management parctices, as outlined by the Responsible Jewellery Council.

Moreover, Ludovica is dedicated to sourcing natural gemstones and conflict-free diamonds that have been certified through the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme.